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HEDGING PRAIRIE CROPS: Get comfortable with futures and options and properly manage risk on your farm.

HedgeLink is a 100% independent, focused and relevant training and strategy support program designed specifically for Prairie farms. You will learn from experts how futures and options relate to local cash prices for western Canadian crops. This program is extremely effective at turning farmers into hedgers and getting their business's price risks under control.

What's Involved?


  • Video Training Series on the tools for hedging:
    • Includes thirteen video modules hosted by Jonathon Driedger, Senior Market Analyst and HedgeLink program manager

  • Learn specifically about:
    • Disciplined and relevant entry and exit strategies
    • Puts and calls; longs and shorts; cost-effective alternatives
    • Finding and working with a broker

  • Video Training Series on Charting
    • Includes five video modules on the Elements of Charting with Harold Davis, Economic & Commodity Researcher and Trader and the Author / Analyst of Prairie Crop Charts

  • Homework documents to ensure comprehensive learning are reviewed by a FarmLink grain marketing professional.

HEDGELINK PRO ($200 / month ongoing - $2400)

  For a monthly fee, receive steady communication with the FarmLink team, specifically about futures and options. HedgeLink Pro gives you access to: 

  • Ongoing dialogue
    The opportunity to have an ongoing dialogue with a private group of like-minded farm managers, and FarmLink’s network of professional MA’s, on weekly conference calls and a private group discussion forum online

  • Jonathon Driedger, Program Manager
    Jon is the leading expert in western Canada on this topic. Subscribing gives you full access to having him help with the farm’s hedging activities.

  • Weekly Stats 
    Provides a weekly chart summary of the key futures markets to keep clients up to date with current trends.
  • Comprehensive solutions
    The HedgeLink program is run by people who will take the time to ensure the farmers get full and complete answers, and are comfortable with the strategies, and know exactly how to execute them properly.

  • Independent advice
    We’re not embedding risk management options into grain contracts in order to buy your grain.

  • Access to hedging training courses
    Opportunity to travel to Chicago for intermediate training, tours and networking with FarmLink and the Chicago broker community.

NOTE: Other training courses may be provided on occasion. FarmLink will not directly handle clients’ hedge account money or place orders with brokers. 

Chris Corbett, Marketing Advisor & Training Manager,
explains why FarmLink wants to educate growers on risk 
management tools with our HedgeLink program. 
Jonathon Driedger, Senior Market Analyst, 
describes the program in more detail and how
it can greatly benefit prairie farmers.

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