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Our purpose is to help producers achieve their financial goals using the most advanced and timely farm wealth solutions.

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What is a farm wealth strategy?

Every decision matters — plan accordingly.

A farm wealth strategy helps you identify your financial goals and the path to achieving them — all the way from bin to bank. A well-planned strategy is based on informed decision making, profit scenarios, risk management, and much more. GrainFox is your all-in-one farm wealth strategy solution.

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What is GrainFox?

GrainFox is your own personal farm wealth toolkit.

GrainFox is a cutting-edge farm wealth toolkit that puts you in control of your long-term success. Through intuitive tools and features that are backed by over 20 years of historical and statistical data, GrainFox consolidates and simplifies all the necessary information that goes into making the best sales decisions possible for your business.

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Is GrainFox right for me?

Your work is worth more. GrainFox can show you how.

GrainFox was developed with all sizes of operations in mind, with plans and pricing that fit any budget. If you want to easily view your expenses, plan cash flow for the crop year, organize your bins, receive sales recommendations, and so much more, then GrainFox is absolutely right for you.

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I have been with FarmLink for 5 years now. Their recommendations have returned us 10-15% better than I could have done myself, and sometimes much more. I now have more time and energy to spend on other aspects of running the farm. I have enjoyed working with my marketing advisor, she has done a great job of finding markets for my grain.
Keith Stephens
We are way further ahead financially since we have been working with FarmLink. I can do a lot more because Judy keeps on top of things for me. A couple of years back she even called me from her vacation in the states and told us the market was changing and to sell a larger amount of our durum. If we hadn’t we would never have made as much as we did that year.
Larry Mandel
Glidden Colony
As a family farming partnership, we joined Farmlink in 2007. To be honest, I wasn’t totally convinced, but was willing to give it a go. My major concern being the loss of control in the marketing of our grain. 10 Years on we are still with Twila and Farmlink, a firm advocate of their ability to market our grain at a time and price that fits our operation.
Sally Tyson
Castlehead Farms

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