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FarmLink Grain Marketing Advisors aren’t just an asset to producers in terms of financial success. Through education, analysis and understanding, we give farmers the foundation for a lasting legacy. Start growing and selling your grain with more confidence. Plan with us today, and tomorrow can be the start of success for generations to come.

What is GrainFox?

GrainFox is a grain marketing technology tool that uses FarmLink's market analysis backed by a team of analysts, local grain marketing advisors, and 20 years of statistical and historical data.

GrainFox gives winning, up-to-the-minute grain marketing insights and recommendations.

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  • Access insights 24/7 from any device in our Resource Hub
  • Customized grain marketing advice when you need it
  • Crop updates and sales recommendations based on your farm business and crop portfolio
  • Access to FarmLink’s team: market analysts, grain marketing advisors, customer success representatives

Why GrainFox?

GrainFox is the easiest way to get grain marketing advice backed by insights from western Canada’s best analysts and advisors.

KNOW the FINANCIAL POWER of your farm business

Know what you have, what it’s worth, when to sell, and most importantly, why.

GrainFox and FarmLink’s advisors bring insight and clarity to external economic factors that influence the grain industry locally, nationally, and globally.

The integration of people and technology brings you customized solutions to discover the untapped potential of your farm business..


You’re in control of production, but we’re here to help you navigate when to sell.

GrainFox gives you power with everything in one place, so you can take control of your grain marketing even when the unexpected happens. From building your business profile to requesting advice that fits your marketing style, GrainFox is your all-in-one simple solution for selling grain.

Take the bias out of the equation, get expert third-party advice you can trust.


Generations before you marketed grain in a different way, but those were different times.

Combines look much different today than they did in the ‘90s – and so should your farm’s financial tools and relationships. The agricultural ecosystem is one where the grain elevator is king. Have you ever asked why it makes sense to get grain marketing advice from the very merchants buying your grain?

FarmLink is revolutionizing the grain marketing world with GrainFox. The platform allows you to get a quick second opinion or a consultative meeting whenever you need it. Sell with confidence.

Sell Grain Smarter

Package 1

Market Reports

For the producer who wants insights and data to make their own grain marketing decisions.

Publications include:
  • The Daily Market Wire
  • Crop Updates
  • Sales Recommendations
  • Market Updates
  • Access insights 24/7 through GrainFox
  • Smart grain marketing recommendations based on farm business profile
  • Localized Weather
  • Barcharts
  • One-on-one customer support
  • Live demos on GrainFox’s tools and features
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Package 2


For the producer who wants to add a grain marketing advisor to their team.

Everything you get with Market Reports, plus…
  • Your own customized grain marketing plan
  • Access to our expert advisors and analysts
  • Personalized sales recommendations
  • Management of your grain marketing plan
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Package 3

Managed Plus +

For the producer who wants to focus on growing both types of yield – crop and financial.

Everything you get with Managed, plus…

  • A cash flow breakdown based on your needs
  • Access to budgetary tools to help maximize profits
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