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For every step on the way to selling your crops, GrainFox can help.


Make the right decisions at the right time, from anywhere at any time.


Between crop contracts, ever-changing markets, and the advice you get at your local elevator, the process of selling your crops and discovering grain prices can be noisy and even overwhelming. Cut through the clutter and make sense of it all with GrainFox.


What is GrainFox?


GrainFox is a cutting-edge digital toolkit that puts producers in control of their long-term success. Leveraging the latest technology, along with our experienced developers and analysts, GrainFox uses FarmLink’s market analysis, our network of local grain marketing advisors, and over 20 years of statistical and historical data to offer valuable tools and features, up-to-the-minute insights, and timely recommendations.

  • Access your information anywhere, any time with the GrainFox app for iOS and Android
  • Get crop updates and sales recommendations based on your specific farm and crop portfolio
  • Keep track of your operation: commodities, inventory, contracts, reports, & more

Below, you'll find just a few of the powerful tools and features available on GrainFox. To see all the resources GrainFox has to offer, sign up for a free trial today!

Price Finder

Find and compare crop prices locally and across North America, set Price Alerts, and save your searches to check back regularly.

Resource Hub

Get the sales recommendations, market analysis, geopolitical insights, and updates you need to make the best selling decisions possible.

Farm Profile

Oversee all aspects of your operation, including farms, production, inventory, sales, and contracts. Keep track of everything from anywhere at any time.

ROI Calculator

Quickly tabulate fixed and variable expenses, calculate potential returns, and compare your farm against provincial benchmarks.

Cash Flow Planner

Keep track of cash in/cash out, current balances, and projections for the coming crop year. Plan for potential shortfalls, identify the best loan terms, and make informed cash flow decisions.

Risk Profile

GrainFox uses a discovery questionnaire to identify your level of risk tolerance and creates customized sales recommendations and sales strategies based on the results.

Barchart Overview & Detail

Get a quick snapshot of the futures market or dive deeper to get a better perspective on the trends affecting your farm business.

GrainFox Messenger

Communicate with everyone on your team, share files, and get one-on-one support with the GrainFox Customer Success team.

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